Charbonneau Guitars takes pride our attention to detail & quality work. We feel very strongly that our workmanship is up to both our customers’ and our own high standards. Your custom build instrument is subject to a limited lifetime non-transferable warranty to the original owner. Our Standard Series instruments are covered by a one year warranty. Our B-Stock instruments are covered by a 3 month warranty.

Custom build instruments include any instruments made to order in our Canadian workshop. Standard Series instruments include any instruments build to spec order, and will be clearly marked as such. B-Stock instruments include any pre-built instruments already in stock prior to purchase with minor cosmetic flaws and will be clearly marked as such.

No Refund Policy:

All sales are final due to the customized and unique nature of the instruments. Every instrument is either built-to-order, built to spec order or clearly stated as B-Stock and is not refundable by any means.

Please refer to the following warranty section:

This warrants that the instrument will be free from defects in materials and workmanship, subject to the limitations contained herein.

The warranty is extended to the original purchaser only and may not be transferred or assigned to any following owners or purchasers. B-Stock instruments sold through Charbonneau Guitars are covered by a limited 3 month warranty.

The warranty does not cover:

    * Any instrument that a customer has worked on themselves.

    * Unauthorized repairs or modifications done by any repairman, guitar technician or luthier.

    * Any instrument that has been altered in any way by the customer or a repairman, guitar technician or luthier.

    * Any instrument where the serial number has been modified or is no longer distinguishable.

    * Any instrument not directly purchased from Charbonneau Guitars or an authorised dealer.

    * Any damage due to accident, negligence or misuse

    * Shipping damage of ANY kind. #1

    * Normal “wear and tear,” including but not limited to color fading, discoloration or damage to the original finish, worn frets, worn nut, strings, tuners, hardware and plating including but not limited to gold hardware.

    * Any instrument that has been subjected to extremes of humidity and heat or temperature.

    * Any instrument that has been subjected to moisture or water damage.

   * Any adjustments required for personal preference (string height, intonation, tuning, truss rod adjustments, pickup heights, etc)

    * Any originally installed electronics or hardware (electronics and hardware are covered by the respective manufacturers. In the event that the manufacturer's warranty is less than 1 year, Charbonneau Guitar will warrant the hardware or electronics for up to 12 months starting from the date of delivery to the customer).

    *Gig bags, cases, merchandise and accessories, including but not limited to any other items that are not designated as part of the instrument itself.

Charbonneau Guitars makes no express warranty of any kind. All implied warranties are hereby disclaimed and excluded from this warranty.

Charbonneau Guitars shall not be liable for any special, indirect consequential, incidental or other similar damage suffered by the purchaser or any third party, including without limitation, damages for loss or profits or business or damage resulting from use or performance of the instrument, whether in contract or in tort, even if we have been advised of such damages. Charbonneau Guitars shall not be liable for any expenses, claims or suits, arising out of or relating to any of the forgoing.

If the instrument malfunctions due to faulty materials and workmanship, at the sole discretion of Charbonneau Guitars, we may repair the instrument without charge.

All shipping, duties and insurance charges, including any perceived “collector” value, are the sole responsibility of the original owner/purchaser.

Once the instrument arrives at the workshop we will determine whether the defect is covered under the terms of this warranty. If it is found to be covered under the warranty, the repair will be done at no cost to the purchaser/original owner. If the repair is not covered under the warranty, you will be given an estimated cost to repair the issue (to the original owner/purchaser).

This warranty applies to all provinces and territories of Canada. This warranty also includes all international sales.

Circumstances that void this warranty offer:

  * An instrument is given to an unauthorised repairman, technician or luthier for inspection, repair or modification prior to contacting us.

  * Attempting to fix an issue yourself.

Deposits and build times:

To start the construction of your new instrument, Charbonneau Guitars demands a NON REFUNDABLE 50% deposit of the total amount of the instrument. Once the instrument is completed, the rest of the amount due must be paid within 7 working days before delivery. If the rest of the amount due is not paid within 7 working days, the instrument will remain the property of Charbonneau Guitars and the 50% deposit will NOT BE REFUNDED. The actual build time is 8 to 10 months.

By making your 50% deposit or by paying in full, you ACCEPT the purchasing terms and the terms and conditions of Charbonneau Guitars.


#1 All instruments that require domestic or international shipping will always be covered for the full value of the shipment. Any damage that occurs during shipping will be covered by the relevant insurance policy. The guaranteed safe transit of the instrument is completely out of our control and is subject to the courier’s professionalism and any possible mishaps, but we will do our best to ensure it arrives safely.

#2 We take great pride in our workmanship and products. It's unfair to discover social media posts or videos regarding a product prior to you contacting us. Please reach out to us first, as we care greatly about our customers and the work / services we provide.

Pierre-Hugues Charbonneau,

Luthier & Owner-Founder

Charbonneau Guitars