Before you get started building your dream guitar, here are some things to note:

  • Base price for all models is 2299$ (CAD) (hardshell case included)
  • Options are subject to additional fees, as respectively indicated in our Custom Quote selection fields
  • All options without additional fees are included in the base price
  • Items with ** listed next to them are of limited availability
  • 8 string builds are offered in 25.5-28 inch multiscale format
  • If you have any extra inquiries, please feel free to either include them in the “Other Requests” field at the bottom of our Custom Quote form, contact us, or visit our Facebook page 

Thank you, and we hope you enjoy building the guitar or bass of your dreams!

Note: Production series models are also on the way, with preselected components and attributes. We’re striving to have something to offer for both, custom boutique build enthusiasts as well as folks who would rather trust our judgment and let us do the deciding! Contact us for more information.

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